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How Do I Go about Nominating a Site I Feel Is Important to La Crosse County's History?
If you feel that you have a site or know of a site that is important to La Crosse's history, you may contact a member of the Commission or click here for a copy of the nomination form. The information needed to nominate a site includes a detailed legal description of the property (usually found on the property's deed), some background information on the importance of the property, the current landowner, and any photos available. Once the completed form has been accepted by the Commission, it will be reviewed, and a public hearing will be held for any members of the public to voice their opinion for or against the nomination. If the Commission votes to designate the property to the Historic Sites' list, then a resolution will be drafted by the County's Corporation Council, then the resolution will be presented to the Planning Resources and Development Committee, and then the County Board.

If Approved, How Will This Nomination Affect How I Use My Property?
Currently, according to the Commission's ordinance, there are no restrictions on how you use the property. However, landowners with historic sites are strongly encouraged to keep the aesthetic and historical appearance or integrity of the site as intact as possible.

What If Someone Nominated My Property and I Do Not Wish To Have It On The Historic Sites List?
During our public hearing process, the landowner will have every opportunity to voice their opinion about why they do or do not want the property listed.

What Are The Benefits Of Having My Site Listed?
Being nominated to the La Crosse County Historic Sites list is an honorary designation that will hopefully instill pride in the owner of their historic site. This in turn will encourage landowners to keep La Crosse's important history alive for future generations.

Besides Nominating Sites, What Else Does The La Crosse County Historic Sites Preservation Commission Do?
The Commission meets monthly (or sometimes every other month) to discuss pertinent topics that deal with historic properties and archaeological sites in La Crosse County. The Commission also applies for State and Federal grants to document historic sites.

Can I Come To A Meeting?
Like all County meetings, the meetings are open to the public. The Commission usually meets the second Friday of the month at the County building, 212 6th Street North. The Commission does not necessarily meeting every month, so please call 608-785-6700, to confirm a meeting date.
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