In the past, La Crosse County offered a small grant program for established local historical societies in the County. This program was administered by the La Crosse County Historic Sites Preservation Commission. The County portion of the project could exceed $1,000. Local match was not required, but was encouraged. The grants are not longer available, but below is a list of past winners.

Past Preservation Grant Winners:
2014Bangor and Area Historical Society Concrete flooring$500
2014West Salem Historical SocietyDesktop computer, monitor, printer$500
2013Bangor and Area Historical Society Towards raised metal roofing project$1000
2012Bangor and Area Historical SocietyPurchase of a digital camera, scanner, laptop, printer, and surge protector to document existing collections$500
2012Onalaska Historical SocietyPurchase of a digital camera, tripod, memory card, and light box backdrop to document their existing collections.$500
2011Preservation Alliance of La CrosseElectrification of the cobbler shop and Greek Revival House near City Hall$1000
2010Onalaska Historical SocietyAssessment and maintenance of textiles from the Mary Jane Skaff Estate$500
2010West Salem Historical Society Painting of the exterior of the Palmer/Lewis $500
2009Bangor and Area Historical SocietyRepair to the Museum entrance $750
2008Preservation Alliance of La CrosseCreate colored brochure$500

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